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This fraternal organization was originally formed out of resentment to foreign competition and the hiring of cheap immigrant labor in the mid-1800’s and early 1900’s.  It was the duty of every member to promote American goods and patronize American businesses.

In St. Bernard, the Guiding Star Council, #133, was established on 29 June 1901 at the old Town Hall, with a membership of 48.  Meetings were first held at Ivy Hall, Ross Avenue and Carthage Pike (Vine Street) before moving to the third floor of John Meyer’s Saloon, Vine Street and Phillips Avenue.  The meetings continued to be held there until 22 July 1911 when the present building at Jackson and Tower avenues was dedicated by Mayor Peter Young.   Construction of the 2 ½ story brick building, which contained a large meeting hall on the second floor, a bowling alley, store and offices, cost $10,000.

Daughters of America, the sister organization, also met there.  This building was sold in 2014 and is now being used as a single family dwelling.  While both organizations are active elsewhere throughout the United States, it is unknown about the St. Bernard membership.  

Kay Heller Phillips

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Sources:; Fifty Years of Progress, 1878 St. Bernard, Ohio 1928; St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society files; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 23 Jul 1911, p.17; .  Photo:  Richard Berter.

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