The St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society is a 503(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of St. Bernard, Ohio, and is administered by volunteer staff and board members.

The purpose of the Society is to collect, preserve and render available historical materials and to disseminate educational information pertaining to St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove, Ohio and the regions surrounding and affecting them. Furthermore, the Society will initiate and encourage historical inquiry into these areas and serve as a depository for safekeeping and display of community and regional artifacts and gifts of commemorative designation.


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Marjorie Niesen


A native New York transplant, Marge has been a resident of St. Bernard since 1961.  She is a founder of this society, volunteer historian, compiler and researcher for St. Bernard (since 1975), and docent for Cincinnati Museum Center Heritage Programs (since 2000). In addition, she co-published a family 700+ page genealogy for the Hallock Family Association of New York, and authored the 2011 Arcadia book, Images of St. Bernard. Teamwork with officers, staff and guest speakers to promote love of local history through preservation, publications, programs and events is our mission.

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Kay Heller Phillips

Vice President, Newsletter

A former St. Bernard resident, my interest in genealogy started about 40 years ago when I interviewed my great aunt, Marie Scherpenberg, of 14 E. Ross Avenue.  While I dabbled in genealogy every so often, I didn’t get seriously involved until the late 1990’s. Since then, the non-stop research has taken me to libraries, historical societies, court houses, clerk offices, cemeteries, LDS family centers, and funeral homes throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and Germany.  The journey was extremely long, sometimes frustrating, but never boring, as there were many surprises along the way.  The St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Society is no exception.  The office is full of surprises.

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Larry Phillips


Originally from North Carolina, my family settled on Church Street in 1950, where neighbors included Pulskamps, Polumbos and Johnsons.  During my high school days at St. Bernard, Mr. Ralph Nieman transferred his love of history, especially Civil War, to me.  Years later I got involved in family and baseball genealogy.  A former Redstockings Vintage Baseball player, I have contributed research for a number of books and magazines relating to the development of baseball.


Carol Mayborg


A former resident of St. Bernard, I am currently living in Hamilton, Ohio. I grew up on Ross Avenue by the ballpark and lived with my mom, sister Sandy, and brother Buddy.

Having graduated from OLA, now Roger Bacon, in 1969, I received an associate degree from Cincinnati State, in 1972. I worked at Good Samaritan Hospital as Administrative Assistant from 1973 until I retired in August 2020. I have two 4 legged kids, Tilly and Kallie.  They are sisters and they keep me busy. I am enjoying retirement very much.

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Richard Berter


A life-long St. Bernard resident, Richard’s skills as a tech person were immediately recognized by the historical society.  He is the person who takes care of all our audio and visual needs.  His passion for photography is evident.  He is always there for every parade, program or special St. Bernard event, and Kay is forever grateful to him for developing the negatives of the “Lost Neighborhood” and for teaching her how to post photos to our FB page.

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Don Hunsicker


Although my mother, an OLA grad, was originally from St. Bernard, where her father owned a shoe repair shop, my early years were spent in Paddock Hills.  Following my father’s death, my family and I, at age 11, settled in St. Bernard. After graduation from St. Bernard HS, I joined the USAF for 4 years.  A UC graduate, I worked 13 years for St. Bernard Service Department, followed by 23 years with the Cincinnati Fire Department. I now enjoy retirement.

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Ray Eckes


Before their final move to St. Bernard, my ancestors first settled in Elmwood Pace during the late 1800's, followed by a move to Bond Hill. My six siblings and I grew up in St. Bernard, where I attended St. Clement School and Roger Bacon High School.  Following graduation, I studied Marketing at the University of Cincinnati (UC). Active in multiple Historical & Cemetery Associations, my interests include genealogy and cemetery research.. A good day is finding and sharing some long forgotten tidbit from the past.

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Jan Boylan


Born in Erie PA but raised in Andover OH, I came to Cincy in 1965 to attend the College of Mount St. Joseph.  Except for a 3 year stint when I lived in DC and London, I have been in Cincy ever since.  My move to St. Bernard occurred in 2003 when I retired.  I bought a wonderful old house that was in the Juengling family for almost 100 years.  In a quest for pictures of the house in order to make over the front porch, I came upon Marge Niesen and the St. Bernard Historical Society.  Now I spend my time trying to organize the many pictures, papers, and artifacts which the Society owns.  I can't help what I am doing; my mother's mantra is still clear to me.  "There is a place for everything and everything should be in its place".  Need I say that she was German?!

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Joel Corneli


Born in Santa Monica, CA; veteran with USAF as English language instructor for Vietnamese Air Force (1969-70); NCO in charge of training records at Beale AFB, CA 456th ABMMS (1970-72); MLS from USC; retired after 39+ years working for the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County; tutors adults from other countries affiliated with Warren County Adult New Readers program (4+ years); volunteers with St. Bernard Ludlow Grove Historical Society (5 years).


Jim Heller

Website Administrator

Born in 1964, I am the oldest and only male of Jim and Phyllis Heller’s family of six children.  After living on Church Street, Ludlow Avenue and Washington Avenue, we finally settled into a home on Vine Street, near Roger Bacon High School, from which I graduated, in 1983.  Prior to high school, I attended St. Bernard Elementary before entering 3rd grade at St. Clement School.


With a passion for photography and love of travel, I enjoy genealogy and learning about my family history.  It must run in the family, as Kay Heller Phillips is my aunt.