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New Business/Individual Sponsors

Jonathan Stuchell, Mayor


Skyline Chili

St. Bernard Pub (Jun 2023)

St. Bernard Dairy Queen (Jun 2023)

St. Clair Electronics (Jun 2023)

Torbeck's Auto Repair (July 2023)

St. Bernard Eagles (July 2023)

Model Group (July 2023)


Newest Members

March 2024

Diane James

February 2024

Stephen Von Wahlde

December 2023

Jeffery Dover

November 2023

Jeff Edwards

Tom Nurre

October 2023

Rhonda Bastian

Mike Edmison

Kristi Heale

Carolyn Farmer

September 2023

Carol Conner

Linda Higgins

Rebecca Briggs

August 2023

Bob Hausfeld

July 2023

Jeremy Rasnic

June 2023

Jack Busche

Jean M. Tingle

Joe Gerst

Christina Barnes

Mary Lee Tenkman

Jay C. Lengerich

Judy Lengerich

Thomas Cunningham

Bob Von Wahlde

May 2023

Eileen Gerversman

Kevin Strotman

Lifetime Members

Phyllis Crawford, Sheila Meece Price, Amy L. Stenta, Shirley Meece Young


To all members and sponsors who have renewed memberships, your support is greatly appreciated.




Monetary Donations 

Richard Klus:  In memory of parents

Margy & Dan Tillar:  Donation

Kay & Larry Phillips:  In memory of niece

Kay & Larry Phillips:  In memory of Mike Niesen

Nancy Broermann:  In memory of grandparents

Wiedemann's Fine Beer

Ray Voegele

Dan Michel Family

Millie Higgins (07/22)

Diane and Steve Brockman (07/22)

Anne and Dan Michel (07/22)


Donated Items

Fr. Tom King:  King Drug Store Collection

Stu Masters:  Various Maps, Holy Cards, Obituary Files, and Other St. Bernard Related Items 

Phyllis Crawford:  Many St. Bernard Related Items

Pattie & Dave Fossaluzza:  Slide Projector

Kenny Burck:  Microfiche Reader

Marge & Dan Tillar:  Microfiche Reader

Michelle Young Rogers:  Charles (Red) Young Collection of St. Bernard Memorabilia

Kay and Larry Phillips:  Historical Society Advertisement

Melissa Boggs: Katharina Guth's German Prayer Book, 1893

Toni Thamann Surette: St. Clement Parish Centennial Book, 1850-1950

Carol Ann Mayborg: St. Clement Photos

Grace Rolf Creager: Rolf Family Document

Sandy Hodges: Mannequins

Larry St. Clair:  2 high school yearbooks (OLA and RB) and one copy of the St. Clement 1850-1950 Centenary Book (01/22)

Deanna Masters:  one St. Bernard high school yearbook (01/22)

Laurie Krusling Knobbe: Mackzum/Koelsch Book donation (2/22)

JoAnn Imholt Young: St. Berhard HS Senior Trip photo (2/22)

Shirley Franke: 2 High School Year Books (3/22)

Bud Leonhardt: Wiedemann Cook Booklet (3/22)

Ray Eckes: Antique Postcard (6/22)

JoAnn Imholt Young: 1913 St. Bernard Policemen Post Card (6/22)

Sandy Hodges: Raffle Items (07/22)

H. Vollner: Civil Defense hat donated by Valanche Steinmetz (09/22)

Donation of a Kwik Koin Dispenser from The New Moon Café, Vine & W. Ross. (11/2022)

Donated by Shirley Meece Young (11/2022)

Carol Mayborg and Karen Reitor: Donation of File Cabinets (01/2023)

Lisa Schott: Donation of Pension Record (02/2023)

Jan Thomas North: Donation of St. Bernard High School bracelet and yearbooks (11/2023)

Bob Von Wahlde: Monetary Donation (12/2023)

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