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With a business membership* donation of $50/year to St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society, your business will be recognized at our monthly meetings.  In addition, your business card will be displayed on a special page in our quarterly newsletters, as well as on our website.  If your business is listed on Facebook, there will be an automatic link on the website to your FB page.  Our goal is 100% participation by local business and organizations.


Who will receive this information?

  • Almost 200 paid members of the Historical Society on a monthly basis

  • Our newly redesigned website – almost 6000 viewers as of June 2023

  • Our Facebook page – over 1000 members, who view on a regular basis


Make sure residents, visitors and guests in St. Bernard/Cincinnati area know you are here, and that you welcome their business!!!   Send checks to:  St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society, 110 Washington Avenue, St. Bernard, OH, 45217.


Your sponsorship helps us purchase monthly programs as well as expensive archival supplies.  Recently we were able to purchase about 30 condensed pension records for our St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Civil War veterans.


Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.


*An added benefit is that one person/employee from your business can attend monthly programs free of charge.

Updated 06/2023

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