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With a business membership* donation of $50/year to St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society, your business will be recognized at our monthly meetings.  In addition, your business card will be displayed on a special page in our quarterly newsletters, as well as on our website, and occasionally on our FB page.  Our goal is 100% participation by local business and organizations.


Who will receive this information?

  • Over 100 members of the Historical Society on a monthly basis

  • Our newly redesigned website – 940 (in a few short months)

  • Our Facebook page – over 950 members, who view on a regular basis

Make sure residents, visitors and guests in St. Bernard know you are here, and that you welcome their business!!!   Send checks to:  St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society, 110 Washington Avenue, St. Bernard, OH, 45217.


*Only one person from that business is allowed to attend programs free of charge.  There will be a charge of $5 for any other employee/co-owner of the business who does not have a individual or family membership.

Updated 06/01/2021

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