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The street signs are named for Frederich Broermann, a German immigrant from the farming village of Damme, and his wife Catherine Moeller of Hannover.  After being in the dairy business, Fred eventually became a cattle and horse dealer, and although there is no proof to support claims, stories handed down by family members suggest that he acquired some of his wealth by trading horses to both Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. Their homestead was located on the corner of 516 E. Ross Avenue and Bunker Hill (later renamed Broerman).  This property extended as far as the current streets of Sullivan, Greenlee and Kemper Avenues.  As original land owners and prominent residents of St. Bernard, Catherine and Frederick were very involved with St. Clement Parish and community.  Besides Broerman(n)s, descendants include the families of Meyer and Bedinghaus.  

Kay Heller Phillips

Source:  Broermann, Nancy and Phillips, Kay Heller. 1600-2007 Ancestors and Descendants of Friedrich Brörmann & Catharina Möller.  (Cincinnati, Ohio:  New Vision Publishing Company, 2007).

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