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The son of a Civil War veteran, Henry Imwalle was born in Cincinnati, in 1856.  He came to St. Bernard in 1881, and that same year married Clara Kaufman, daughter of an early pioneer resident, who operated a store at the corner of Carthage and Starchtown (Vine & Bank).


In 1898, Imwalle and Charles Busam purchased the undertaking business of Raymond Nunlist.  In 1904, Charles Busam left to become

operator of a saloon.  At the time, Frank Imwalle joined his father’s business, which operated under the name of Henry Imwalle & Son.

In addition to being elected mayor, Henry Imwalle also organized the Citizens Bank and became its first president in 1906.  He brought about many improvements in St. Bernard, including the laying out of cement sidewalks and organizing the first building association.


A staunch Democrat, Henry Imwalle was one of the most prominent and popular men of St. Bernard.  Following his death in 1916, son Frank took over the business.  Frank’s sons, Frank, Jr. and Paul were also involved in the business, which was in operation under the Imwalle name until at least December 2011.  It closed permanently at that time and is scheduled to become a micro-brewery in the near future. 

Kay Heller Phillips

Source:  Fifty Years of Progress 1878-1928 St. Bernard, Ohio, p. 102

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