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Located across from Old City Hall (Vine & Baker), the wall formed the entrance from Vine Street to the park.  Because of the hilly landscape, steps were built on the north and south sides of the wall to allow easy access to lower level Vine Street Park.  The north side of the wall was next to Reis’, a Mom & Pop burger restaurant before the popularity of fast food chains.  Since teens frequented Ries’, the wall was also a popular hang-out place for them.

Old Vine Street Wall
New Vine Street Wall

The year of when the wall was built is unknown, but demolition took place in 1977 to allow for the construction of a new tri-level Police Department building at 4700 Vine Street.  Total cost was approximately $1,245, 000, which was federally funded.  The Dedication and Open House was held 29 May 1979.  

Kay Heller Phillips

Source:  The Cincinnati Enquirer, 25 Oct 1978; St. Bernard-Ludlow Grove Historical Society files.

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