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Born in Germany to Theodore and Anna Kortendieck, son Theodore learned and perfected his baking skills while living there.  His career as a baker actually started by age 14.  Having emigrated to the United States in 1923, he married two years later to Anna Puke, also of Germany.  Their wedding took place in Hamilton County on 05 September 1925.

Garmann's Bakery

They originally established a bakery on Eastern Avenue in the East End, but after three years, they relocated to 4510 Vine Street. While the relocation date is unknown, they were already living in St. Bernard by 1940, as indicated by the census record of that year.  While they sold a variety of baked goods, there was only one bakery item that stood out among the rest…the famous Peanut Rolls.  Ask anyone!  Conveniently located a few doors away from St. Clement School, Garmann’s was frequented by students wanting potato chips served in a brown paper bag or candy of any kind.


After Mr. Garmann’s death in 1969, son Norb took over the business until it was no longer feasible to operate.  The building was razed in 2008.  

Kay Heller Phillips


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