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While Farmers Insurance occupies the building today at the intersection of Burnet, Washington & Vine, several businesses, including Nu-Life Cleaners, previously operated at this site.  Many older St. Bernard residents remember it as a pharmacy; namely, Steinkolk’s, followed by Carson’s, and then by Alexander’s.

While a sophomore at St. Bernard High School, John Alexander got his first job at Carson’s Pharmacy, where he became interested in pharmacy as a profession.  After graduation, he attended Cincinnati College of Pharmacy and received his degree in 1952.

Kay Heller Phillips

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He served as a pharmacist during the Korean War, and following his discharge from the Navy, he returned to St. Bernard and Carson’s Pharmacy.  He purchased the business from Robert Carson in 1959.  After operating it a short time under the name of Carson’s, the name was eventually changed to Alexander’s.  KHP

Source:  St. Bernard Bugle, 24 May 1962, pgs. 3-4; Celebrations, 04 Jul 1925.

Photo of building:  Richard Berter;  all advertisements from History Room Archives.

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