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#2 Painted Rock marks the approximate Bertus Avenue location of the B. H. Wess home, which was converted into a residence for the Franciscan sisters who taught at Our Lady of Angels High School, also on Bertus Avenue.  The third city mayor of St. Bernard, grain dealer B. H. Wess was a very prominent and influential citizen of St. Bernard.  When the Citizens Bank (later 5/3rd) was established on Vine Street, in 1906, B. H. Wess served on the board of directors and was chosen secretary.

The building was eventually demolished to make way for a housing development, now known as Angel’s Way.

Kay Heller Phillips

B. H. Wess Residence.JPG.jpg

Source: Fifty Years of Progress 1878-1928 St. Bernard, Ohio, pgs.89 and 105-106; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 16 May 1993, p. 171

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