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Census Records

1790:  Only heads of household were listed.  Family members were sorted by age categories and were noted by a hash mark.  States the number of free white males/females, and also slaves.

1800-1830:  Not many changes.

1840:  States age of Revolutionary War Veteran.

1850:  Every family member was listed by name.  New information in this census:  Age, Sex, Race, Occupation, Value of Real Estate, and Place of Birth.  Slaves were no longer listed except for on slave schedules.

1860 and 1870:  Very similar.

1880:  Household members were listed with stated relationship to head of household.

1890:  Most records were destroyed by fire in 1921.  Half of the special veterans schedules did survive.

1900:  The best!  Birth month and year listed for each person; states number of children for mother of household (how many born; how many survived); number of years married; year of immigration; number of years in USA for foreign born person.

1910:  The birth month and year were dropped.  States a person’s  native tongue and whether a person was a Civil War Veteran or widow of one.

1920:  Civil War information was dropped.  States number of children and years married.  In addition, the year of naturalization and year of arrival for non-native born people were noted.

1930:  States unemployment, income, age at first marriage, and whether household owns a radio.

1940: Same as 1930.  Level of education and marital status is noted.

1950:  Released to the public in April 2022, this census listed post WW II baby boomers.  In addition to employment info, it also offers a transcription tool for users to make corrections.



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